360 Miniature Holder Enhanced Edition – is it worth it?

In painting miniatures painter’s knowledge and skills are important, it is obvious. But a good painter can become a great one, if we equip him with the right tools. Today I would like to introduce you to my new revelation when working with miniatures, namely a painting handle with a rotating and detachable cap from Redgrass Games.

Let us start from the beginning, why do I need a handle, I have two arms permanently attached to my body, each with 10 fingers, so I am more than able to operate small pieces of plastic. Man, thanks to the gifts of evolution, is able to manipulate very small objects with fairly good accuracy, but it is neither comfortable nor pleasant in longer sessions with a brush. In addition, our skin is covered with natural oils that can grease up the model. Also… how many times have I dropped the painted model only to clean it off of fur and dust, which in milliseconds manages to stick to the fresh paint.

For this reason, I started using various handles and holders for models quite quickly. I have probably went through everything from Cola caps, jars of Citadel paint, empty medicine bottles, Games Workshop holder only to arrive at the Redgrass 360 Miniature Holder. The latter was a hit and is the direct predecessor of the model presented here. I supported the first Kickstarter Miniature painting handle campaign, and so began my adventure with Redgrass Games.

On the left – 360 miniature Holder

On the right – the new incarnation, Enhanced Edition

Today we will take a closer look at the improved version of the Redgrass Games handle – 360o Miniature Holder Enhanced Edition. It is an ergonomic handle adapted to the natural curvature of the hand with a rotating cap. We attach the models to it using the fixing putty provided in the package. The putty holds the models great, does not dry out for long time, and the cap itself accepts figures with a base up to 50mm. A rotating top is a great solution – it allows you to paint a straight line around the mini, gives you quick access to new places to paint and allows free viewing of the model. In addition, the construction of the cap does not block access to the model, this means cracks and corners become quite easily reachable.

I liked the solution to such extent that I bought as many as 4 handles, because I have a habit of working on several models at the same time. All in all it was not too smart, because there are cheaper solutions out there and you can hear this statement not only from my mouth, but also from other users of the handle, because this year Redgrass is launching their campaign with an improved version of its painting handle.

There are two main changes – the top is now replaceable, which means that you can paint a whole series of figures using one handle and only changing caps. It is very convenient, we no longer have to manipulate the model with our fingers when removing the model or buy, like me, a ton of handles.

Now, all you need is a quick move to smoothly and seamlessly switch from one project to another. It works great with armies, squads or painting elements of the same color on different models.

Another very useful change is the addition of a self-adhesive metal pad and a magnet in the base of the handle. Now when moving your workshop, setting aside unfinished models or storing equipment after work, the chances of accidentally tipping the handle are minimal. Note that in the photo my mini painting workshop is raised at a considerable angle, and the handle stands vertically and protects the figurine. The magnet is strong, catches quickly, but also releases easily when needed.

The last point worth mentioning is the fixing putty itself. With each handle we get enough of it for 3 or 4 caps at once, or for one for several years. The models stick to it well, detach easily, and its does not dry out.

In the photo you can see how much putty I have left after putting it on two caps.

If you like this idea and consider this rotating handle an interesting solution, I have good news for you.

A brand-new campaign of this miniature holder will launch on Kickstarter on Thursday, May 21, 2020. Handle kits with one or two caps and sticky putty will be available. More caps and putty will be available for purchase separately.

The campaign’s name is RGG 360 ° miniature holder Enhanced edition

You can go HERE to sign up and be notified when it launches.

I hope that at least some of you will be tempted by this mega useful modeling tool.

If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to post them under the article.

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